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About I C Furniture

Who we are and what we do. A quick Q&A with company owner and lead designer, Ilya Connell.

What is your ethos and why?
High quality bespoke design should be available at realistic costs. I C Furniture was created to service this market. Yes, it will always be more expensive than standard modular furniture but we are creating classic, timeless designs.

“I felt the need to deliver true turn key solutions where even the smallest details are taken care of”

Why is the showroom important?
The showroom is vital as you need to be able to display to clients exactly what they can expect. Quality needs to be felt. When you are investing your hard earned money into your home I believe you need to see an end product and more importantly get the right advice.

Describe the process you go through with clients

Firstly we meet informally with potential clients to discuss their requirements, normally in the showroom, followed by a survey in the clients home.

“My aim is always for the client to feel that I really understand them, their needs and their brief”

Creating the right design is a two way thing. Also, pulling a home apart can be incredibly stressful and they need to know that we are there for them through thick and thin.

After I have taken a full brief the design process begins. As soon as the designs are ready I contact the client to come into the showroom for an initial presentation. I never charge for this service.

Depending upon the time frame of the project we then enter a schedule to undertake work for the client. This process can be as quick as eight weeks. Before we deliver to site we need to create details factory specifications of joinery, look at lighting plans, soft furnishings, whatever the brief entails.

What exactly does bespoke mean to you?

Bespoke for me means being able to deliver exactly what a client wants. By that, I mean that I can tailor a room set that is truly a reflection of their personality and not something that you will find elsewhere. True joinery should reflect the architecture of the building in which it is nestled, as well as the clients personality.

“It is probably why I love what I do so much. As with people, every building and every room is different therefore by combining these elements you never have the same brief and that is simply the magic of it all”

What is your ethos?

I remember growing up to an Australian campaign slogan that “Near enough is not good enough”. That is me in a nut shell; perfection is worth striving for.

Whatever project you have in mind, we would love to hear from you.

I C Furniture Warwick - High quality bespoke design services

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I C Furniture Warwick - High quality bespoke design services